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Welcome to VoIP Innovations Wiki!!

Welcome to the VoIP Innovations' Wiki! We are pleased to provide you with various articles of information as well as detailed guides on how to use our services. Please know this Wiki is a continual work in progress. At times you may see incomplete articles or articles containing information for services seemingly unavailable. We may have an article appear on the Wiki in anticipation of a new service or feature that has not yet launched. If you are in doubt as to whether or not the information is accurate or whether or not a feature or service is live, feel free to contact our NOC for verification. We hope you find what you are looking for here but if you do not, we recommend contacting our support team. In case you were wondering how to do is a Wiki article explaining just that! How Do I Contact VoIP Innovations Support?

There are several ways to navigate the Wiki to find what you are looking for. For each page you click on, a 'Breadcrumb' is added to page. Breadcrumbs are simply click-able links that track which pages have been visited for easy navigation back to those pages if desired. If you hover your mouse over any of these 'Breadcrumbs', you will see a drop down menu containing all articles that are linked to the article you are hovering. Each link in the drop down will take you to the specific article you click.

You can also search the Wiki using the search feature on the left side of the page. Simply enter a keyword and receive results for any page containing that word.

You can also search by category. Click the 'Categories' link on the left side of any Wiki page to view specific categories and how many articles are contained in each. Clicking the specific category links from the Category page will show only the articles within that specific category. Note that some articles are appropriately linked to multiple categories.

If you want to view all pages currently on the Wiki listed alphabetically, click the 'All Pages' link on the left hand side of any Wiki page. This will return 50 results per page with links to the next group of 50 (or less).

We have attempted to link and label the pages as intuitively as possible so we would suggest starting with the main link for each category on the left hand side (Developer, Porting/Provisioning, Support, etc.) and viewing the articles listed on those pages. You can always use the search function if you do not find what you are looking for in this manner.

Begin with a main link on left

From the main links you can view and click all the articles in that category


If you want to view all UPDATED pages on the Wiki, click the appropriate link on the left on any page


Below is an example from this view


Use the search function to search specific keywords


Search results show not only articles, but also related screenshot links






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